What is a Alchemy Laboratory?Edit

  • The Alchemy Laboratory is one of the North Wing additions you can build to expand your home from the Main Hall. The tower can hold a large variety of storage options, as well as many alchemy-dedicated bins and containers. Plenty of ingredients are spread about when the tower is fully furnished. The Alchemy Laboratory, like its counterparts, the Library and Enchanter's Tower, has a balcony area on its roof when completed. 
  • A roof can be added to these towers if desired, but not adding the final roof does not prevent the tower from being inhabited, allowing it to be an optional addition. The following is a list of possible furniture items and decorations which can be added by using the carpenter's workbench in the Alchemy Laboratory .
  • It is not necessary to purchase or build all furnishing options; you can pick and choose to better dictate style. However, all furnishing options are in a pre-arranged location and only ingredients and standard items can be moved.Oftentimes, the name of the furnishing option only indicates the primary piece of furniture, and actually includes various additional containers and accessories.


In the original Alchemy Lab the professors were very nice here are them

  • Professor Duncan
  • Professor Jade
  • Professor Gorna


The original Lab is behind the Azla Castle where King Layto can go into the Lab without going out of the castle with the door to the Lab