Vital statistics
Position Healer in Brownwood City
Age 22
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6.3
Weight 77.2

The ClericEdit

Cleric is a young wizard going through the ways of life and death

Healing CostEdit

If you need to heal your character in game buy a heal amulet for 50 gold coins or 1500 silver coins

If you are exploring the city of Brownwood make sure to get healed by the Cleric for 2 bronze cores


If you need healing please comment how much life points you have out of the maximum you can get

if you fail to do this you will be banished to the Unknown Zone(character will be deleted)

A Message from The ClericEdit

Hello there,I am the Cleric.Come to me if you need to get healed for a fee of 2 bronze cores.I can be approached in the heart of Brownwood City.