Gems Of Darkness is about a secret organization revolving around 3 Gems. These Gems have powers to increase the human strength of people when held but hold a pure darkness that corrupt peoples souls turning them into Grim Reapers. Grim Reapers will kill anyone depending on what Gem the grim reaper has hatched from.

Flaming Fire of DarknessEdit

The Flaming Fire of darkness is a gem that gives you super strength that can lift mountains but it will tear away at your body slowly until your body cannot handle the darkness and shall turn you into a Grim Reaper that destroys buildings

Starry Sky of HellEdit

The Starry Sky of Hell allows you to fly into the air but will slowly destroy your internal organs until you have no organs and will turn you into a grim reaper that will kill everyone in a 1 km radius

Destroying Desire of BelowEdit

The Destroying Desire of Below is a gem that allows you to control the land beneath you at your will. you will be able to soften and harden rocks and the ground but will slowly turn your body into stone and a Grim Reaper will hatch out of the stone and kill the nearest person

The SupernovaEdit

The three Gems were involved in the cosmic destruction made by Demokaz and his Demons.All tribes were forced to go into hiding to not get killed by the waves.The Wakonaz are the only known alive tribe left