King Layto is the king of the Azla Kingdom and needs an assistant to defeat the evil undead

Old king by goran alena-d3b44yd
Some attributes
First Unknown
Second Unknown
Third Unknown
Other attributes

Young King Layto


King Layto is a wise king built for ruling the kingdom



Queen Layora - Wife

Layora is the queen of Azla and as the queen her and her husband

get on quite well.

Prince Dakshadow - Son

Dakshadow was earlier locked in freezing cold until his father found him and get on a little too much and

sometimes get into fights.

Lord Demokaz - Brother

Demokaz is Layto's evil brother and lost each other when Demokaz had got

sucked into the depths of Hellzone which made Demokaz extremely


Pikonse - Father

Pikonse is the former king and father of Layto and the former king was a good king

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